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  Monika Stoyanova was born in Sofia, graduated from the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski-- Master Degree in History. She has been dancing since she was a child and took classes in modern ballet in Sofia. After finishing high school she worked as a professional modern ballet dancer with two ballet formations: Onyx and Fenix. During 1993 she won an award for a solo performance in Latin dancing at City Disco Club Sofia.

  2000 Monika received an instructor certificate from the Union of Aerobics in Bulgaria.

  She became seriously interested in Latin dancing in the beginning of 1999.

  2002 she was chosen as Miss Spring at Salsa Plus Club. 

  2002 2003 she studied salsa in local dance studios in Bonn and Frankfurt, Germany.

  21st 26th August 2003 together with her partner Angel Lopez she participated as a performer at the Third International Salsa Festival in Barcelona.   

  In the beginning of 2003 Monika was invited as a dance instructor to teach children with disabilities, as a part of a local project in the children community centre King Boris III, Sofia.

   (16 18 June 2004) Monika and her former partner S. Stefanov won third place, professional division, at the Second International Salsa Festival in Hamburg, Germany.

  At the end of 2004 she graduated as a ballroom dance instructor from the National Sports Academy.       Total result from the course of training: Excellent 5,72

  Total results from the state examinations: Excellent 5,50

   September 2005 Monika Stoyanova and S. Stefanov became European Champions professional division, winning the first place at the biggest European Salsa Festival in Great Britain. December 2005 they represented Bulgaria at the First World Salsa Championships in Las Vegas, USA. Competing in the most difficult category Cabaret Division /salsa with acrobatics/-- they took 9th place and were ranked among the best 10 dancers in the world.

  After their return from Las Vegas, Monika and Simeon together with WS Teleshop produced 4 volume DVD project with instructional videos: salsa, bachata, merengue, cha-cha-cha, available in 5 languages, which are distributed not only in Bulgaria but also all over Europe.

  In May 2006 Monika and her that-time partner Alfredo Torres won first place at the qualifications for the Second World Salsa Championships that were held during the Second International Salsa Festival in Sofia.

  Up to that moment, Monika Stoyanova was the only salsa dancer in Bulgaria who had won twice the right to represent her country at the World Salsa Championships in the USA.


  During 2006, 2007 besides being a choreographer, instructor and performer, Monika was also a judge in four salsa competitions of national importance, which took places in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.

  March 2007 Monika was invited as an international guest instructor at the Sixth Salsa Festival in Prague, which was held from 13 to 15 April 2007. Together with her new dance partner, world famous performer, choreographer and instructor Angel Ortiz (New York), she gave four workshops of salsa on 1, on 2 and cha-cha-cha.

  May 2007 for third consecutive year she taught at the BG Salsa Fanta Festival in Sofia. Her Ladies Styling workshops were among the most attended.

  20-13 September 2007. During the Serbian Salsa Congress she gave five workshops; four of them with her partner Angel Ortiz (Salsa NY style intro on 2, Salsa NY style spins and turns, Cha-cha-cha, Footwork on 1) as well as a Ladies Styling workshop.

  At the end of 2007 Monika participated in a very popular TV dance competition Dance with me Season 2, as a choreographer and partner to one of the competitors. Their performance to the song Salsa was evaluated by the judges with the highest score.

  In the beginning of 2008 at the Bulgarian Annual Salsa Awards she was given an award as an instructor for her contribution to the salsa abroad.


  April 2008 she took part as a flamenco dancer in a ZAGORKA TV commercial.


  April 2008 she was once again invited to be a judge at Salsa Sofia Open competition. Also she was a judge at the first open salsa championship - Salsa Stars 2008.

  At the first "Black Sea Salsa Festival", which was held from 1st to 3rd of August 2008, in Albena sea resort, Monika gave two workshops: "Lady Style" and "Partner work on 2", the second one with her Italian partner Riccardo Ricanti. She was also on the panel of international judges for the competition that was part of the qualifying rounds for the 4th "Annual World Salsa Championships".

  8- 10 August 2008 At the First Salsa Festival in Wroclaw, Poland, Monika was invited to participate as an instructor as well as an international judge in the first salsa and bachata competition. She gave three workshops: Lady Style  (intermediate and advanced) and Salsa Show L.A. Style with Riccardo Ricanati.

  19- 20 September 2008 At the Second Serbian Salsa Congress Monika and her partner Angel Ortiz gave two workshops: "New York style on 2" partner work and styling and Footwork on 1". Also they gave a lecture on Musicality, Precision Salsa, Timing is Everything.

  10- 12 October 2008 At the 5th "Salsa Power Festival" in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Monika gave two workshops - "Sensual Ladies styling" and "Spinning techniques" (master). October 2008 on the Balkan Salsa Congress Monika was invited to gave Ladies style workshop.

 December 2008 - wonderful show in Dancing Stars with judge and ballroom dancer Vladimir Bojilov.

 January 2009 Monika invited to teach Ladies Style in Varna "One Salsa Day".

 19 - April 2009  Monika & Riccardo Recanati won -1-st place Italy National Championship (Salsa L.A. style)

 19 - April  2009 Monika & Riccardo Recanati won - 1-st place Italy National Championship (Salsa N. Y. style)

 5-7  June 2009 Monika Stoyanova and Angel Ortiz take part in 8 Salsa Festival in Prague.(Partner work, Styling and Hustle workshops).

The characteristic features of Monikas dancing style are her speed, distinct elegance, perfect spinning balance and catlike gracefulness in every motion.




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